About Us

Corporate Overview
Mission Statement
"At MITSUHO ELECTRONICS SDN BHD, our mission is to empower innovation by providing comprehensive, cutting-edge electronic solutions. We strive to be a reliable partner, leveraging our expertise in OEM/ODM manufacturing, PCB design, mechanical drawing design, product appearance design, embedded software design, and prototype supply. Committed to excellence, we aim to facilitate the seamless transition of ideas into exceptional, market-ready products, contributing to the success of our clients in the global electronics landscape."
Vision Statement
"Driven by a passion for technological advancement, MITSUHO ELECTRONICS SDN BHD envisions a future where innovation knows no bounds. We aspire to be a leading force in the electronics industry, recognized for our commitment to quality, sustainability, and customer satisfaction. Our vision extends beyond products; we aim to shape the future of electronic solutions, pioneering advancements that positively impact industries and communities worldwide."
Company Objectives

1. Innovation Leadership

2. Quality Assurance

3. Customer-Centric Approach

4.Global Reach

5. Sustainability Focus

6. Employee Development

7. Community Engagement

Quality Policy
MITSUHO ELECTRONICS SDN BHD are dedicated to delivering unparalleled quality in every aspect of our operations. Our commitment to excellence is ingrained in our corporate culture, driving us to continuously improve and exceed industry standards.
Development Milestone